Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans CPT

The CO2 Purity Tester, type CPT, is used for routine controls of the air content of commercial CO2 gas and CO2 gas from fermentation. The principle is based on CO2
absorption by caustic.

The measuring burette of the CPT is properly flushed with CO2 gas. The CO2 sample is separated in the measuring burette and the connection is made with the caustic burette. The CO2 is completely absorbed by the caustic and the remaining gas volume is read on the scale of the measuring burette after turning the instrument on its backside.

Two executions are available:
• Type CPT 99-100, measuring burette scale from 99 - 100 % v/v, for measuring
  the end purity of commercial CO2 gas or CO2 gas from fermentation after
• Type CPT 50-100, measuring burette scale from 50 - 100 % v/v, for measuring
  the intake purity of CO2 gas from fermentation

• Quality Control
- of gas distribution systems
- of commercial gas
- of incoming CO2 gas from fermentation
- of CO2 recovered and purified from fermentation
- in front of the carbonator to monitor the gas quality dosed
• Optimizing CO2 Recovery Plants
- behind the activated carbon filter/dryer
- in the purge from the CO2 liquefier to control the blow-off quantity
  automatically, preventing CO2 loss as well as high concentrations of O2 from
  dissolving CO2
- behind the CO2 evaporator to monitor O2 in the CO2 distribution system