Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans Keg 2.0

The evaluation of the keg cleaning installation in breweries and soft drink
production plants is an important aspect for quality assurance before filling. There
is a significant risk that kegs might be contaminated by micro-organisms and
foreign substances. Furthermore, the risk of superheated steam during the cleaning
process causes energy losses. Therefore, an independent measurement to control the
keg cleaning installation is needed.

The Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0, consists of a specially prepared keg with a handy
and dock station. It monitors the keg washing process and measures the
temperature of the incoming product, the temperature of the product leaving the keg,
the temperature of the keg wall, and the pressure inside the keg. In addition, the data
logger continuously registers the position of the keg in the cleaning process.

The keg travels among the other kegs through the keg washer and monitors its
performance. After the process is finished, the handy is put onto the keg and the data
is wirelessly transferred. Subsequently, the handy is placed on the dock and the stored
data can be directly printed or uploaded to a PC. The software processes the measured
values and further checks whether the steam was superheated, which reduces the
sterilization effect. All results are displayed in a tabular and graphical format, which can
be printed and/or stored.

• Keg washer/keg filling line