Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans BTM

Evaluating the cleaning of returnable bottles in breweries and soft drink
production plants is an important aspect of quality assurance before filling. There
is a significant risk that bottles might be contaminated by foreign substances. Bottle
washing is therefore an essential process in the packaging line.

The Bottle Monitor, type BTM, monitors the bottle washing process and measures both
temperature and conductivity as a function of time.

The BTM travels among the other bottles through the bottle washer and evaluates its
performance. After the process is finished, an LED on the bottom of the monitor
indicates whether the cleaning process met the requirements programmed in the BTM.
The measured data can be transferred to a PC via a docking station. The software
processes the measured value and displays it in tabular and graphical formats, which
can be printed and/or stored.

• Bottle Washer