Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans IAM (Inpack 2000 Air Meter)

The Inpack 2000 Air Meter, type IAM, is used to determine the air content in the headspace volume as well as the total air content in the beverage, in combination with the Inpack 2000 CO2 Calculator or the Inpack 2000 CO2 Meter. The principle is based on CO2 absorption by caustic.

The pressure of the container is released and the gas fed to the IAM. The CO2 is
completely absorbed by the caustic and the remaining gas is collected in the measuring
burette. Its volume (ml) is shown on the measuring burette.

The device is available in two executions:
• Type IAM-20 has a measuring range of 0-20 ml, with higher accuracy in the low
  range and is typically used for carbonated beverages with low air content such as beer

• Type IAM-36 measures the range of 0-36 ml and is typically used for carbonated
  beverages with a higher air content, such as soft drinks

• Laboratory, in combination with Pentair Haffmans’ Inpack 2000 CO2 Calculator
  and Inpack 2000 CO2 Meter