Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans ICD

In the beer and beverage industries, the content of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2)
is a determining factor in the quality and taste of beer and carbonated beverages.
Because of this, breweries as well as soft drink manufacturers continuously control
and measure the CO2 quantity of bottled and canned beverages.

The user-friendly Inpack 2000 CO2 Meter, type ICD, allows for a reliable and fast
determination of the equilibrium pressure. The equilibrium is created by shaking the
container manually before or after the sample is pierced, then the pressure is
measured and displayed. After removing the container from the instrument, the
temperature of the liquid is measured. The CO2 content is then determined by using
a Pentair Haffmans’ slide rule based on Henry’s Law.

The Inpack 2000 CO2 Meter, type ICD, is equipped with a digital, absolute pressure
gauge, which automatically compensates for atmospheric pressure changes.

• Laboratory operation with cans and bottles of different types and sizes
• In combination with Inpack 2000 Air Meter determination of air content possible