Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans o-DGM O2 Gehaltemeter

In the beer and beverage industries, the content of dissolved oxygen (O2) is extremely
important to both product quality and taste. Excess O2 can compromise the flavor
stability and lead to significantly reduced product shelf life.

The portable O2 Gehaltemeter, type o-DGM combines high accuracy with excellent
measurement stability. This new optical O2 measurement technology is greatly improved compared to the traditional O2 measuring instruments. Frequent calibration of the O2 measurement is not required. The instrument is equipped with an advanced operator and location identification system, which allows for the traceability of measuring data.

The o-DGM is available in two measuring ranges:
  • Low measuring range (LHO) for accurate DO measurement of beverages < 2,000
    ppb (e.g. beer and deaerated water)
  • Wide measuring range (WLO) for accurate
DO measurement of beverages < 45 mg/l (e.g. wort, soft drinks and non-deaerated

• At-line, sampled directly during the production process (from process lines,
  vessels, tanks or kegs)
• Laboratory, after the production, sampled from a variety of bottles or cans