Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans i-DGM Intelligent CO2 Gehaltmeter

The Intelligent CO2 Gehaltemeter, type i-DGM, enables a fast and accurate
determination of the CO2 content in beer and carbonated beverages based on
Henry’s Law. The i-DGM allows for high product pressure, making it suitable for
the soft drink industry. Up to 10 different product types can be programmed into
the i-DGM. An advanced operator and location identification system allows for the
traceability of measuring data. The optional bumper protects the i-DGM against physical
impact in harsh environments.

After operator/location identification, sampling takes place. Automatically,
equilibrium is created, followed by the measurement of pressure and temperature.
The dissolved CO2 content is then electronically calculated and displayed. The
data can be securely transferred to a PC using the interface cable.

• At-line, sampled directly during the production process (from process lines,
  vessels, tanks, or kegs)
• Laboratory, after the production, sampled from a variety of bottles or cans