Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans GMT Analog CO2 Gehaltemeter

In the beer and beverage industries, the content of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) is a determining factor in the quality and taste of beer and carbonated beverages. Therefore, breweries as well as soft drink manufacturers continuously control and measure the CO2 quantity during production.

The Analog CO2 Gehaltemeter, type GMT, enables a fast and accurate determination
of the CO2 content in beer and carbonated beverages based on Henry’s Law. Most
importantly, the measuring results are reproducible and not dependent on the

Once the sample is taken equilibrium is automatically created and the operator
reads the pressure from the manometer and the temperature from the thermometer.
The CO2 content is then determined by using a Pentair Haffmans’ slide rule.

• At-line, direct sampling during the production process (from process lines,
  vessels, tanks or kegs)