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Haffmans Vos Rota 2.0

The Haffmans Turbidity Meter, type Vos Rota 2.0 is an easy-to-use and reliable instrument
to measure turbidity during production and after filling. It has a measuring range of up
to 500 EBC/34,600 ASBC, which makes the instrument suitable for a wide range of beer
types, including very turbid beers.

Particles smaller than 1 μm, such as proteins, mainly cause side-scattered light and are
measured at 90º. Particles larger than 1 μm, such as diatomaceous earth (DE) and yeast,
mainly cause forward-scattered light and are measured at 25º. The dual angle measurement provides operators with fast and reliable insight on the condition of the measured product. This allows for a quick response to deviations in the production process.

The Haffmans Vos Rota 2.0 provides simple and easy cleaning and maintenance. The
magnets that position and fix the sample do not require tools to remove. In addition, the
Vos Rota 2.0’s innovative design eliminates any dead spaces, which significantly simplifies

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