Lab QC Equipment


Haffmans SBF

Many quality control and assurance processes in the beverage industry require
reproducible and proper samples.

The user-friendly Sample Bottle Filler, type SBF, is a robust instrument for sampling
beer and beverages from tanks, piping or kegs, without air intake. It is particularly
suited for the creation of beer foam for the Nibem Foam Stability Tester in combination
with the Inpack 2000 Flasher Head and the headspace air determination of beer from
bright beer tanks.

The SBF is mounted on an empty crown cork bottle. By filling the bottle with water
and expelling it with carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2), the air is removed. The SBF
is connected to a sampling point and under counter pressure, the bottle is filled without
foaming. The sample can be prepared for analysis, for example, in compliance with
the Nibem standards for foam quality testing, to be brought to a temperature of

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